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Some people feel the rain by Quadraro Some people feel the rain :iconquadraro:Quadraro 63 4 Noonwraith The Witcher 3 Cosplay by elenasamko Noonwraith The Witcher 3 Cosplay :iconelenasamko:elenasamko 195 12 Fili  by KateKaramalikova Fili :iconkatekaramalikova:KateKaramalikova 32 7 Cathedral - green version by racoonart Cathedral - green version :iconracoonart:racoonart 3,240 170 A Great Hope by Marchut A Great Hope :iconmarchut:Marchut 62 30 Sunflowers! by NathanFowkesArt Sunflowers! :iconnathanfowkesart:NathanFowkesArt 370 10 That Was the Most Fun I've Ever Had by TheMichaelMacRae That Was the Most Fun I've Ever Had :iconthemichaelmacrae:TheMichaelMacRae 2,379 65 Scratch Post And Hobbit Hole by TimBakerFX Scratch Post And Hobbit Hole :icontimbakerfx:TimBakerFX 87 16 cochlear by kannagara cochlear :iconkannagara:kannagara 23 7
he cried because no one cried for him
I found Death crying in the alleyway underneath my apartment window. He crouched, shaking and whimpering out his little mouse of a cry that was muffled by the rumbling cacophony of city night life. He didn't make himself seen and, like the child he was, huddled down and hid his face with his mitten-covered hands. 
Death made eye contact with me as I watched him from the fire escape. He stared with bright blue eyes perfectly framed with long eye lashes. The chill bit and reddened his nose and cheeks, and his tears left frozen paths of black ice against his face. I didn't mean to, it was an accident, he pleaded with me.
I watched him as he shamefully picked up his victim, a tiny little kitten that was half frozen and curled tightly into itself. He tried to stroke it back to life, begging and pressing the small animal into his plush winter coat.
I'm sorry, he lisped, wiping snot onto his sleeve as he cradled the corpse like a beloved baby doll. My eyes followed his tiny
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 726 337
Renfield's Clock
The package had no label or return address.  It was just left on my front porch, wrapped in layers and layers of packing tape and cardboard, square and slim, about a foot and half in length.  It was heavy as I picked it up and rather than open it there on the front porch, I brought it inside, and sealed my doom.
Inside, I found a clock.  It was clearly old, the rim ornately decorated with motifs of vines, and while I was no expert the material was suspiciously reminiscent of gold.  It had to be valuable.  I was bewildered as to why I'd find such a thing left on my front porch.  I turned it over, inspecting each side of it, and that was when the note that had been tacked to the back slipped off.
'To the person who receives this,' the note read, 'I don't know you and I'm really sorry, but I had to get rid of this.  It's killed both my husband and children and now it wants me.  I'm sorry.'
For a long moment, I just sat there, the note in my hands, s
:iconfainting-goat:fainting-goat 129 46
old Harbor by voitv old Harbor :iconvoitv:voitv 930 45 TROLLKORS/TROLLCROSS by chricko TROLLKORS/TROLLCROSS :iconchricko:chricko 11 15 Smaug by Yoann-Lossel Smaug :iconyoann-lossel:Yoann-Lossel 1,604 65 Gothic crow skull lace necklace by Elorhan Gothic crow skull lace necklace :iconelorhan:Elorhan 173 8 Plain by rainerpetterart Plain :iconrainerpetterart:rainerpetterart 182 4

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Food Is Love
Food is love, I say;
Candy polish cherried on my fingers,
Plump apples smiling sweetly on the counter.
Breezes run warm palms over our skin
And trees rustle through the open door,
And the room is basted in rich afternoon sun.
Your eyes graze over my extra chin, wide arms,
The fabric stretched too tight around my middle.
A furtive hand pinches at your ribs.
I’m sure it is, you say.
Bony hands curl around cooling mug;
Candy apples drip untasted on the counter.
Food is love, I say again.
Garlic sizzles in the saucepan,
So fresh my eyes watered when I chopped it.
The light blinks unsteadily overhead
But the kitchen is warm,
And the oil is silenced by the sudden rush of broth.
You don’t look at me this time.
The loosening sweatshirt matches your tightening gaze;
The untouched bowl, your hollow stomach.
Your eyes are sunken; drawn inward
To where you thrash, drowning,
In a sea of widdendream.
Sure it is, you say, quieter.
Food is love, I say one more time.
The rain is poundin
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Benny Lafitte by mechanicalfantasy Benny Lafitte :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 3 0 Death by mechanicalfantasy Death :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 1 0
One part living, eight parts wet:
Touch and time, for my velvet-
een skin and yielding sidesó
My earthy breath itself a prize.
Leave me, see me swell;
Burn me, see my shell.
:iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 0 1
Rebound Book--Coraline by mechanicalfantasy Rebound Book--Coraline :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 16 15 Found Object Cabinet by mechanicalfantasy Found Object Cabinet :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 2 2
The Lost Ones
Cynthia's trailer is at the very back of the park, like a wild animal waiting for you to look away so it can disappear into the trees.  One of its wheels is missing, replaced by a pile of crumbling bricks too high to keep it level with the ground.  The windchime hanging from the screen door careens to the left.  As I near the wreck, a dog barks, and a massive old Rottweiler comes roaring around the corner, white saliva flying from its lips.  It runs to the end of its chain and stops with a jerk, canine warnings sounding fury against the Louisiana sky.
I start back before it can get too close to me, but it's a damn good guard dog, and I can't get within twenty feet of the trailer.  I sort of circle around, trying to get to the back side, but it scampers around the other way and keeps on glaring at me.
I've never liked dogs.  I've never been fond of any sort of pet animal.  Flashbacks to third grade and my neighbor Mrs
:iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 0 3
Decisions, Decisions by mechanicalfantasy Decisions, Decisions :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 17 13 Teabox Design by mechanicalfantasy Teabox Design :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 0 0 Morning Glories Seed Packet by mechanicalfantasy Morning Glories Seed Packet :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 0 0 Night Rain at Shinobazu by mechanicalfantasy Night Rain at Shinobazu :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 4 3
The Adventurer's Lament
Give all my love to ages past,
To times of wealth and wonder;
To adventurers, to lands unmapped,
To pirate's loot and plunder.
Tell history to wait for me,
Though I am far and gone—
There's one path left for me to take
Before my journey's done.
I sailed these skies once like a king,
In search of gold and glory,
My body strong, mind clear and sharp,
Pursuing airship quarry.
Alone, I flew the seven seas,
And countless distant lands;
Mount Kailash and the Himalays,
The cruel Saharan sands.
It was the world of yesteryear,
With mountains white and wide—
With deserts shifting, sun ablaze
Which beat my weathered hide;
With ruins swallowed up by sand
And skies of high azure,
With tribes unknown and jungles deep,
With monoliths and moors.
Alas, the past's a quiet thing,
She ne'er speaks more than once;
The shining world I once knew
Has vanished into dust.
The clouds, once gold as angel's hair,
Now glower black with coal;
Below, a city indifferent, grim,
In fog as thick as wool.
:iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 17 17
Sylvan by mechanicalfantasy Sylvan :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 11 2 Santa Muerte by mechanicalfantasy Santa Muerte :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 4 0 The Last Waltz by mechanicalfantasy The Last Waltz :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 0 0 Isla Aurelia by mechanicalfantasy Isla Aurelia :iconmechanicalfantasy:mechanicalfantasy 19 4




I like the old, the dead and the impossible.


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